So I finished my treatment, removed all thyroid and went thru the RAI-131 (70 mCi) isolation period. Then I did the whole body iodine scan which came out with good news: "No evidence of functioning distant thyroid cancer metastases". Great relief, I thought I was "cured" and ready to declare my self "cancer free" or "beating cancer". However, when I went to talk to my surgeon his words weren't so comforting and I left there more confused than when I first saw him. I basically wanted to know what needs to be done so I can move on with my life, when if ever, would I be able to say I beat this cancer. However, this is what I got, in his own words: "He is concerned about the concept of cure and I told him that he had had aggressive therapy, that his prognosis was excellent, but that we could not guarantee cure." I think for some reason I was expecting a moment where I'd be able to "ring the bell", not think about this anymore. But what I understood - and perhaps I should've known this all along - that the reality is that there isn't a cure for cancer, and eventhough I don't have a thyroid anymore that I could somehow come back... I was a bit disheartened. Have you guys heard similar news from your doctor after following treatment? Can we ever say we're cured? If so, what does it take? time? Lastly, I don't want to sound cocky or anything like that, I understand I've been lucky with a very good prognosis and should not complain. I really just want to move on with my life and even be able to celebrate beating this if possible. Or should I expect to just live with the concept that my thyroid cancer can come back at any point in time? If so, how? How can a thyroid cancer come back if I supposedly don't have a thyroid anymore?

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