My first step to fitness!

agnesjacob85 A postat 07 mai 2019

Hi all,

I'm Agnes 25 years old female...and need to loose weight desperately...i am 85 kgs...over the years i once successfully reduced and was 59kgs...but due to sme incidents in my life i lost interest to keep my self fit..nw im trying to loose weight ,.i want to live again..!i m tired of all those pity eyes.. im tired of all the sarcastic remarks....i m tired of self pity.....i need support and help to help me loose this weight and want to share experiences and to get to know other people ideas,thoughts and experiences as i m setting up a challenge for my self...i will loose weight in steps and my first step is to loose 5 kgs.... i am going to loose 5 kgs by the end of july starting from 6 july...i will putting exercise regimes as well as balanced diet control ....keeping my fingers crossed....i am keeping my posts as a diet diary in which i will be posting all my days activities!c ya soon! :)


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