We recently bought an apartment in Marbella and are planning to be here a max of (say) 3 - 4 months a year. We knew that at some point we would end up needing to see a GP, but that happened sooner than expected when my wife got a nasty mosquito bite on her eyelid last night. The eye swelled up and a Farmacia that we went into said she needed a cortizone injection. When hen I asked where to go, they suggested one of the private clinics / hospitals with an A&E department between town and the Arch. We went, were seen promptly by a doctor who spoke passable (but hardly fluent) English and charged €115 for a consultation and the jab, which is pretty reasonable by London standards. I have no idea how it rates for local treatment, though.We actually have excellent travel insurance with only a £50 excess per incident, so cost is not the determining issue. But I would like to find out whether there are better treatment options for this sort of issue, or something more mundane (say an infection that might require antibiotics). There are obviously a few English speaking doctors who advertise widely, but are any strongly recommended, and how easy is it to get to see them ?

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