I found out 6 months ago that marv was actually marvina, she became egg bound and had to have surgery to remove the eggs and was spayed at the same time, she seemed to pick up after a few weeks but it didn't last long.The vet thought they may have left a follicle or two inside her so she was opened up again, it wasn't an egg type issue but she was flushed out as the vet said there was some yellow jellyish like substance inside her, the vet also noticed that she had fatty liver disease. She has been on samylin (milk thistle powder) 100mg every other day sprinkled in to her baby food along with metacam 0.2ml meant to be every day but have been giving it every other day instead. I had read in another thread that lactulose can be used to treat fatty liver disease, phoned my vet and she has written me a prescription to pick up, has anyone used this for fatty liver before and if so can you recommend how much, how often, best way to use it? I remember reading in another thread about lactulose for fatty liver Tracie saying "if it is used properly" does anybody know what she means by this?

Any help will be apprecited.

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