This is all I need ... my OH had a major health problem last year but by the combined effort of two hospitals, two surgeons, three doctors, lots of nurses, three post-trauma check-ups, umpteen x-rays and five different tablets per day he has recovered. Lately he has started to 'read up' about his condition and tablets on the internet and decided he was getting the wrong treatment. We checked with the doctor — no, everything was fine. My OH is in the UK this week and booked a BUPA appointment for 'peace of mind'. The BUPA doctor agrees with my OH and is writing a report for the Spanish doctors.
My questions are the obvious ones about professional pride, integrity, etc. BUT as we get our healthcare here don't the doctors here have the final say on treatment? If my OH doesn't like it the alternative might be BUPA care long-distance (and pay, calm down all you 'benefit cheat' mantra people) BUT what happens if the BUPA treatment puts him back in a Spanish hospital?

Any help will be apprecited.

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