I have had serious issue with Epson ink cartriges for some time. The reason being that the ink level "monitoring" is not based as far as I can tell on the actual ink level but rather some kind of calculation about the number of pages printed. I have fooled my photo 750 in the past into thinking it had a new ink catridge when it was in fact an old one, and then I went on to print 10s or hundreds of more pages with the ink still in the cartridge even after the software and printer told me it was "empty." Is this pretty much the case? It's just timed or calculated? I hate wasting money. In contrast, the new Canon s9000 I use at work has clear ink catridges, and when it says it is empty, it is in fact empty. You can see that the ink is gone. What are other people's experience with Epson printers like this?

Any help will be apprecited.

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